Interview With Zombie_KsA, PAKbugs Owner

Hello, The Hackers Post Readers. Today, we conducted first ever Interview of Zombie_KsA, Owner of PAKbugs. Yes, One of the top hacker of Pakistan and one of the best hacker in the world. We asked personal to hacking related questions. We try to cover things in every perspective. We are very thankful to Zombie_KsA for giving us his precious time.

So Let’s Start!

Q: Hi Zombie_KsA, thanks for giving me your precious time. Zombie_KsA please introduce yourself to our Readers.

A: Hi guys, this is ZombiE_KsA from PAKbugs some of you already know me for those who don’t do google ZombiE_KsA

Q: When and why did you start hacking?
A: I guess it was early 2006 and we started pakbugs in late 2007. Well there was a forum where i used to go. They had chat box. They used to make fun of me saying that i can’t hack etc. Well that day ZombiE_KsA was born and I fucked their server and rooted it and defaced their site.

Q: How you prove, You are real Zombie_KsA?
A: I don’t need to prove anything but i’ll still say some things which will make things pretty clear, like you can go and check history of its still on same registrar and we hacked again Google morocco Uganda y’all know we did in the past and we did it again
And also do check official twitter of turkguvenligi they made a pretty clear statement about packages, and one more thing go ahead and do check the history of my defacements, all mirrors you won’t find any of these skids names in my defacement since 2008-2010 so where the fuck they came from ..

Q: Can you tell me your actual age?
A: It’s 22

Q: Did really FIA arrested you in 2010 because there is no confirmation that you were arrested?
A: Well I was never arrested you know, only members in Pakistan were arrested, some of them were just moderators.

Q: Who abused your Nick Zombie_KsA?
A: A lot of lammers use my nick you know but one of the biggest lammer is khantastic.

Q: Who hacked Supreme Court Website?
A: Good Question, it’s very easy to catch that defacement is fake. Just take a look at greetz and there is name ZombiE_KsA why would I greet myself ^^ must be same skids.

Q: You left hacking in 2010. Why Zombie_KsA is back?
A: Well the question is not correct, I left defacing not hacking, many ppl out there don’t know the difference between hacking and defacing,
I had to come back because these skids started faking me so I got pissed, why can’t they just use their own nickname.

Q: People are whispering that only spo0feR is back not Zombie?
A: Haters always come up with lies you know, but regarding spo0fer I lost contact with him since 2010 when a few of our members got arrested many got scared and ran away.

Q: People are also whispering that Risky and Dr.Freak running PakBugs Now?
A: As I said they always make things up, riSky is not even Admin on pakbugs he is just a VIP user as he’s my friend and Dr.freak is super moderator. Except me no one has access to server.
They’re some of the most ignorant people who make this things up.

Q: Just Zombie is Back or all old members of Pakbugs are Back?
A: No. I am only back.

Q: Who are current Members of Pakbugs?
A: We are not running any crew anymore.

Q: Do you work for FIA?
A: I don’t work for FIA/NR3C but I had offers in past.

Q: Who faked Agd_Scorp?
A: I guess that lammer is known as reckz0r.

Q: What kind of method you used?
A: You mean what kind of method I used to hack PKNIC? Its Classified.

Q: Why you attack on your own country Pakistani Sites?
A: So they can improve security, think for a second if Indians would have hacked those websites, that would be more shameful for us so I did a favor for country and I.T managers.

Q: PKNIC has always been targeted by Hackers. PakBugs also hacked PKNIC. What you recommend them to increase their Security?
A: As you’ll know PKNIC was hacked in November after that they patched holes and many other country hackers aka script kiddies tried to hack it indians and paki alot more they all failed,
because they all were trying to find “SQLi” bugs and PKNIC fixed SQLi bugs but 99% of these noobs are limited to SQLi and we go way beyond SQLi, i guess they should hire some talented guys,
not some degree holders, they should properly pentest their server on weekly basis, and keep server updated

Q: What are Cyber Security Trends?
A: Poorly coded scripts, server configuration mistakes and Exploit Packs. Last year millions of PC were infected by blackhole, sweet orange etc exploit packs using java 0day.

Q: What do you think about Pakistan Cyber Security?
A: Security is really bad because of poorly coded scripts, recently defaced who helped ZHC to get into server? Offcourse PAKbugs! Take a look

Q: What are some of the biggest challenges you see out there?
A: I am more like white hat. I don’t like to deface but these skids make me do this, i’m just busy with my own things if you know what i mean.

Q: What do you think of Anonymous, Lulsec and other Hacker groups?
A: They are more like a media attention grabber.

Q: Have you ever thought of working for a company to help protect against hackers?
A: Not really i’m more like a person to have my own business.

Q: What are your future plans?
A: No Comments

Q: What kind of advice would you have for new Hackers?
A: First of all respect seniors and stop begin lammer.

Q: It is nice to talk to you. What do you think about The Hackers Post?
A: Well i guess website is good template is nice but you guys still need to work hard on SEO such as create an sitemap submit to google,bing,yahoo etc and increase pagerank

Thanks for giving me your precious time Zombie_KsA. Have a nice day!