Sudan Embassy website Hacked by Ymh

Official website of South Sudan Embassy in Norway (  hacked and defaced by a Yemeni hacker with the handle of Ymh. Website was restored quickly after being hacked.
Defaces Page:

The Hacker found and exploited SQL Injection flaw in the website and managed to upload the deface page with the deface message.

Website Link:

Defaced Link:

Mirror of the Hacked Website:

As its an official embassy website, its not known, whether this site contained classified diplomat data or hacker accessed to sensitive data if it contains. But its clear, hacker had accessed to the database and defaced the website.
The message left by the hacker on the deface page can be found below:

Deface Message:

Website has been Hacked coz Security Sucks..Like Your Dirty Face..Ha ha ha..South Sudan the New shit..Long Live Yemen